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RGL113 For sale this great property from 28,900 m2 square meter close to Orotina in the Turrebares area. There are about 13,300 M2 square meter flat land and the rest will go down where you can make trails to the river Rio Tarcoles . You could dived the property in several lot and build a view house on it or build your own in the center and have a great yard in front and back to make your privet tropical garden with lots of fruit trees. Also perfect to build a B&B or health center, The place is very quit and in a very safe area. Price $450,000   Just give us a call 00506 8801 4112 or send a email to

6 Lots for sale on privet property

Measurement                                         Price

Lote #1 - 548 m2                                   $45,000

Lote 2 – 435 m2                                     $35,000

Lote 3 – 300 m2                                     $27,000

Lote 4 - 297 m2                                      $26,500

Lote 5 – 294 m2                                     $26,500

Lote 6 – 3.422 m2                                  $217,000


Prices are negotiable

5 Los for sale from each 500 m2 between Naranjo and San Ramon with privet paved road and  excellent views and quiet . Flat lots, each lot is 500 m2.
$40,000 each lot.

Grecia Real Estate

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